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We are too willing to invest money and effort into quick “fixes” that will make us feel pretty. Instead, try investing time in building yourself. When you start focusing more on your health, peace of mind, self-confidence, spirit, and embracing the person you were created to be, that’s when you will see long lasting changes that will make you be a better person and start feeling as beautiful as you naturally are.

My Grass 🌿 | My Book 📖 | My Music 🎶 | My Pen ✒️ | My Pad 📒 | …Perfect way to spend my evening…

My Grass 🌿 | My Book 📖 | My Music 🎶 | My Pen ✒️ | My Pad 📒 | …Perfect way to spend my evening…

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Anonymous asked:

Hi Kandee, I hope all is well with you!!!! I noticed from one of your recent post on Facebook that you don't seem to eat meat. It was a very cute and encouraging post!!! Yay for another sister in the faith lol XD Anyways, I've decided that going pescatarian/vegetarian would be a positive lifestyle change for my health, so I was wondering if you have any inexpensive recipes that you could share? And if you could also share some of your experiences with a meatless diet? - Michelle

Thanks for writing, Michelle!

Yes, the only meat I eat is fish (no shellfish though).

On my website, I have a “Health & Fitness” section. You can check it our here: 

I mostly post smoothie recipes on there, but there are some of my health updates as well as generally tips for healthy eating/living. I’ll be updating it more frequently in the near future. Especially if more people are interested in hearing more about my experiences and what I’ve learned.

I’ve always stuck to a budget of no more than $25 per week for my health meals. It makes you really have to shop smart and crunch numbers, but once I figured out set meals I could make with various supplies and how to make them stretch, it became really easy for me. (Maybe I’ll write a post with my grocery lists and meals I make with it…)

I think a common misconception with the vegetarian lifestyle is that you’re missing out a lot nutritionally when you cut out meat. I encourage you to look into the meats you were eating and find a meatless a equivalent that can be used as a substitute. Go back to the basics and take a look at the food pyramids teachers used to show when we were younger. Get familiar with the foods you’re eating and all of the pros and cons.

I truly feel that cutting out meats has made me a lot more in touch with how to structure a proper, healthy diet for myself.

It’s honestly so much I can get into with it all. If you have any specific questions about my health & fitness journey, you can definitely email me on my site, or send me your email in another direct message.