A woman who frequently visits my job came in today happy to see me as usual. She handed me this little container when she walked up to the counter and said, “We baked these cookies for you since you’re always so helpful and sweet when we come in. I don’t know what I’ll do if you leave this place.” It meant so much to me because last week I was literally in tears because of all the careless and mean spirited people I had to deal with and now everyday this week I’ve had someone randomly go out their way to show me genuine kindness. —— Always focus on putting positivity and love out into this world, even when people make it difficult to; it’ll come back around to you in the end. ;) #sweet #kindness #blessed #spreadthelove #bepositive

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  1. westsidekitten said: Oh my gosh… Kandee. Indefinitely <3 Your kindness does not go unrecognize. Always believe that. Good people do recognize it. trust me :-)
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